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1 day trip, Khujand

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1 day trip, Khujand  Duration of the trip 3 – 4 hours.

Khujand is more then 3 000 years old city.


Transfer to Uzbek – Tajik border Oybek, meet Tajik local guide at the border then drive to Khujand (70km/ an hour drive)


Khujand is the second largest city in the country. It’s also one of Tajikistan’s oldest town, founded by Alexander the Great in IV BC. The fortress was fortified by Alexander the great at IV BC and named after Alexander-Eskhata (Alexandria furthest) on the place of the present Khujand fortress (the 329 BC) and become the city of highly developed culture, important commercial and crafts centre. Commanding the entrance to the Fergana Valley and the Great Silk Road passed through Khujand from early historical backgrounds. Khujand enjoyed great prosperity and it’s riches spawned palaces, grand mosques and a citadel, before Mongols stream rolled the city into oblivion in the early XII century.

Sightseeing: Visit cultural - historical complex of “Khujand Fortress”, visit House museum of Tajik poet Kamoli Khujandi through walking the central Park, Eastern market Panjshanbe and mausoleum Shaykh Muslihiddin

Lunch in local restaurant.

Drive to the Arbob palace and national teahouse, visit statue of Ismoili Somoni the founder of Tajik nation and Lenin statue.

Transfer to Tajik – Uzbek border Oybek meet Uzbek local guide at the border, transfer to Hotel (130km, 2 hours’ drive) 

Dinner and overnight in the hotel.


Academicians Rajabovs 59,

Khujand, Tajikistan

Postal: 735700


Phone: +992342265573

 +99292 7704258

Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web: qalai-khujand.tj

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